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Color Wheelz drove up to Detroit on July 21 and 22, 2012 to participate in the second annual Figment Detroit.  The Festival takes place on Belle Isle for two days. It is free and open to the public. We presented a new project called “Color Wheelz Dream Screen”. For this project, Color Wheelz transforms into a green screen space. Red, Green and Blue are replaced by various video clips chosen by participants.


Here is our project description:



Color Wheelz Dream Screen uses light as a joyous, participatory fountain of inspiration.  Visitors become part of the installation as they try on costumes, play in front of a green screen and step inside a plush viewing room to watch others participate. The installation takes place inside and around a camper van called Color Wheelz. The outside of the van is an active green screen. People are recorded in front of it with the option of wearing red, blue or green garments. Custom software extracts key colors and replaces them with dynamic video content. The green background along with colorful costumes (visitors can choose from hats, leotards, shorts, etc.) are replaced with compelling time-lapse videos. Simultaneously, people can watch the live green screen footage inside Color Wheelz. Several screens are mounted in the van to give an instant recap of the activity outside. We hope to project the footage on a building surface as well, so passerby’s can see the collection of videos throughout the night.



See pictures from the day here:

Color Wheelz drove up to Detroit on July 21 and 22 to participate in the second annual Figment Detroit. The Festival…

Posted by Color Wheelz on Wednesday, July 25, 2012